Life is wonderful. There is nature, sunshine, infrastructure and technology all around us. Each day we wake up and appreciate the years of development until now. What if I told you that with technology we could easily replicate all of that in 3D? How would you feel? Does it scare you or make you more inquisitive? If it makes you more inquisitive, then this write-up is for you. I am going to be taking you through the journey of 3D modelling and why it's so important in today's climate.

What is 3D?

It means three-dimensional, and according to Mediacollege: What is 3D, it is something that has width, height and depth. Before they explain that our physical environment is 3D dimensional, therefore we can almost replicate this. How you may ask? In this post, we are going to focus more on 3D modelling. According to Autodesk, an American multinational corporation that provides services for architecture, engineering and many more, 3D modelling is the process of using software to create a mathematical representation of a 3D dimensional object or shape. The object is called a 3D model. These models are used in a variety of industries, especially in architecture, construction, television, video games, engineering, the aircraft industry and the automotive industry. 3d modelling is a process of creating it. The question is how do we create? We create it through software. 


The software is a tool by which we channel our ideas onto our eyes. 3d modelling has been here earlier than 30 years ago. Studies show (3D Modeling: An Overview of History & Industry Applications | Cad Crowd) that in 1963, a man named Ivan Sunderland, a computer scientist from the USA, wrote a program called Sketchpad. That's where the evolution of computer-generated images began. Sunderland's idea was adapted from insight to create software that allows computers to read joins that display on the screen with a light pen. 

3D modelling categories

In terms of 3D modelling, the software has two categories: building information modelling, which is BIM, and other, which is computer-aided design, or CAD. Today, I will be focusing more on card software. Now, Autodesk tells us that Card is a technology for design and technical documentation. It would typically be implemented in aiding manual drafting, like we used to do in the past and still do today, to be honest. For example, if you're an architect, you will be familiar with software such as AutoCAD.

This new CAD software helps us draft construction documentation, explore ideas and visualize concepts in realistic photos, and sometimes even helps us show how design functions in the real world. The software works hand in hand. For example, let's say we were to design a new bicycle. We would need to ensure that the object can carry a particular load without deforming, or we would call it stress failure. The software helps us calculate the required material and size support load. We have so many types of CAD software. There's Maya Software Autodesk, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max Autodesk,Rhinoceros 3D etc. To see an extensive list, click here List of 3D software.

The industry is so diverse and we even have artists using 3D printing technology to assemble and create art. Take a look at this video by 3D artists and designer Herschel Shapiro on Instagram. 

Let me know what you would want to learn more about in the next write-up. Thanks for reading. Also, if you are interested in watching some fun content on technology, check this out below.

by Adekunbi Ajai